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Anyone still on here?
Tue Jul 17, 2018 2:45 pm by The Colonel
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone was still on here. I got an email that reminded me of this place and I somehow remembered my login info. Send me an email at dimitripheonixslovak@gmail.com if you just want to communicate. I lost contact with a lot of people on here, and I'm hoping to reconnect. If you're looking for another RP place, go to nationstates.net
I'll link my country here. [url=https://www.nationstates.net/nation=isaf-usea]…

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Fri Sep 27, 2013 5:34 pm by Flarezone
Feel free to talk about anything to your hearts content.

Comments: 235
For all you GE fans out there.
Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:24 pm by Flarezone
Prepare to have your socks rocked. I just found this free online game.

STEP ONE: Find a computer and look up "Astral Empires"
STEP TWO: Create and account and join the server "Ixion"
STEP THREE: Jump into galaxy 47 and lets team up to establish our empire in the stars!

Comments: 7
New Races/Species
Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:36 pm by Flarezone
As you can see, the choices regarding species is currently very limited. I am currently working on 3-4 other species. However, if any member has an idea feel free to run it by me. These 1st few playable races are probably going to be the most commonly used so lets be original! If any guest has ideas, feel free to submit a thread to the QCIS board.

Comments: 5
Introduce Yourselves!
Thu Sep 19, 2013 4:10 pm by Flarezone
Feel free to introduce yourselves!

Comments: 28
Points/Respect Mod
Wed Nov 27, 2013 4:53 pm by Flarezone
Regarding the Points/Respect mod that has been added onto the forum. What should we use it for? Or do we even need it?
I'm all ears.

Comments: 3
I'm About to Lose It
Thu Nov 28, 2013 2:55 pm by Anderson the Great
This picture thing is pissing me off severely. I cannot upload any photos from my computer. And the ones I've found, I can't find the URL.

Comments: 11
The Prodigal Son Hath Returned
Sat Nov 23, 2013 10:05 pm by Anderson the Great
Here I am. Once again, I stand before you. My travels have brought me far and wide and now here I am.

Comments: 2
Union Ship Desc.
Fri Nov 08, 2013 11:02 pm by =+=DTD=+=
This is the description for one of the smaller ship classes. Classified as a Destroyer, the CONSOLATION class is the most common ship in the Union.

Please take note that this description will be HEAVILY modified before being reposted as a unit used by the union.

CONSOLATION I- A short range, high weapon, high armor, high speed destroyer used for planetary and base defense. It utilizes a small …

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PostSubject: VALOR WEAPONRY AND DEFENSES   Mon Dec 02, 2013 5:24 pm

Every ship has a hull. Not just to hold in air. Here's what the Valor's hull features.

-Heat Shield Plating: A heat resistant layer of metal. The outermost layer, it is the first to go once shields fail in combat. It is also a fail safe if the Heat Shield in the Energy Barrier falls. Also is highly resistant to infrared beams, making it a useful line of short-term defense.

-Reinforced D-Steel Armor: Just under the heat shield, this layer provides some protection against enemy projectile fire and protects against asteroids that float inside the deflector shield. Composed of Diamond Steel, an material with the hardness of diamond and the flexibility of steel.

-Radiation Armor: The innermost layer, the radiation armor is the thickest layer of the ship. It is able to withstand and absorb massive amounts of radiation of all wavelengths.

PDS/Point Defense System: At numerous locations around the ship, there are automated, targeting turrets. These turrets take down any projectiles and hostile fighters around the ship. Each turret has two settings:

-UV Pulse: Since the UV section of any radiation field is lacking, this is used to blow a fighter's shield and (hopefully) overload the systems inside and/or fry the pilot with solar radiation, anti-fighter only.
Light Energy Weapon - Medium energy draw

-Infrared Beam: Although less effective in punching through shields than UV, it is much more effective in actually getting rid of the target. Fires a beam of high heat lasers at temperatures of 5000-10,000 degrees F. It can melt most incoming missiles and torpedoes if given enough time.
Light Energy Weapon - Low energy draw


Energy Barrier:
Consists of several electromagnetic fields each with a specific job. It absorbs energy based attacks and stores it within the field. Requires periodic discharges or it will overload.
Weakness: Repetitive, powerful blasts.

Radiation Shield:
This field is tuned to the highly dangerous gamma, X-ray, and upper UV spectrum's. It is the most self-reliant of the fields, often drawing little power from the ship.
Weakness: Repetitive, powerful blasts.

Heat Shield:
This field is dedicated solely to blocking infrared rays. It can be one of the most productive fields, as the discharge rate is extremely high and the field, being a lower frequency, requires relatively little energy.
Weakness: Repetitive, powerful blasts.

Deflector Shield:
A strange field of energy around the ship that is thought to use a net of gravitons to block projectile going a certain speed. Back engineered from the alien ship on Venus. How is works is speculative, but all projectiles coming at it will bounce off the field. As long as they are not energy based.
Weakness: Multiple and repetitive hits across the barrier.

All-Purpose Shield:
AKA the combat shield, it is the outermost layer and has the largest charge holding capacity of all the fields, giving a much-needed boost to weapons when discharged. Since it covers all the spectrum's, it is also requires the most power to activate.



Plasma Torpedo: A long range torpedo used to melt the outer hull of an enemy ship After all shields have already been taken down.

Phantom Torpedo: Invisible to enemy scans, this homing missile is loaded with small amounts of anti-matter which is capable of dealing massive damage to an enemy ship. Only works if their deflector shield is down.

Ion Scatter Missile: Splits into several dozen projectiles and collectively expels over 100,000 volts of electricity upon impact. Used to overload an enemies energy shields.

Nuclear Missile: Although crude, they are commonly used to overload a ships radiation shield and armor. Effective against land based targets.

God-Rod: A long D-Steel rod shaped missile which is fired at roughly 80%-90% the speed of light. Capable of unearthing an underground bunker hundreds of feet below the surface of a planet and can also surpass an enemies deflector shield allowing for heavy, direct hits to their hull.


Gauss Cannon(s): Fires large metal projectiles at high speeds via an magnetic rail gun. Capable of surpassing an energy shield but requires repetitive heavy hits in order to take down a deflector shield.

Ion Cannon(s): Fires a powerful beam of ions. Capable of ripping a hole in an enemies hull. Requires multiple and repetitive hits to take down an energy shield.

Plasma Cannon: A close range weapon located at the front of the ship. Fires a long stream of plasma which melts through an enemies hull.

Super Weapons

Anti-Matter Bomb: The Valor currently left Earth with 10 Anti-Matter Bombs. Each one alone is capable of leveling an entire city to dust.

Thor Cannon: A single large cannon located under the belly of the Valor. Capable of diverting all available energy throughout the entire ship and firing it in a single powerful blast which is capable of utterly destroying an enemy ship no matter how powerful their shields or technology is. Unfortunately, this is a last resort weapon, because once fired, all systems throughout the ship immediately shut down, including life support.

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