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Anyone still on here?
The Order of Purgatus EmptyTue Jul 17, 2018 2:45 pm by The Colonel
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone was still on here. I got an email that reminded me of this place and I somehow remembered my login info. Send me an email at dimitripheonixslovak@gmail.com if you just want to communicate. I lost contact with a lot of people on here, and I'm hoping to reconnect. If you're looking for another RP place, go to nationstates.net
I'll link my country here. [url=https://www.nationstates.net/nation=isaf-usea]…

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The Order of Purgatus EmptyFri Sep 27, 2013 5:34 pm by Flarezone
Feel free to talk about anything to your hearts content.

Comments: 235
For all you GE fans out there.
The Order of Purgatus EmptyThu Dec 19, 2013 12:24 pm by Flarezone
Prepare to have your socks rocked. I just found this free online game.

STEP ONE: Find a computer and look up "Astral Empires"
STEP TWO: Create and account and join the server "Ixion"
STEP THREE: Jump into galaxy 47 and lets team up to establish our empire in the stars!

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New Races/Species
The Order of Purgatus EmptyThu Oct 03, 2013 3:36 pm by Flarezone
As you can see, the choices regarding species is currently very limited. I am currently working on 3-4 other species. However, if any member has an idea feel free to run it by me. These 1st few playable races are probably going to be the most commonly used so lets be original! If any guest has ideas, feel free to submit a thread to the QCIS board.

Comments: 5
Introduce Yourselves!
The Order of Purgatus EmptyThu Sep 19, 2013 4:10 pm by Flarezone
Feel free to introduce yourselves!

Comments: 28
Points/Respect Mod
The Order of Purgatus EmptyWed Nov 27, 2013 4:53 pm by Flarezone
Regarding the Points/Respect mod that has been added onto the forum. What should we use it for? Or do we even need it?
I'm all ears.

Comments: 3
I'm About to Lose It
The Order of Purgatus EmptyThu Nov 28, 2013 2:55 pm by Anderson the Great
This picture thing is pissing me off severely. I cannot upload any photos from my computer. And the ones I've found, I can't find the URL.

Comments: 11
The Prodigal Son Hath Returned
The Order of Purgatus EmptySat Nov 23, 2013 10:05 pm by Anderson the Great
Here I am. Once again, I stand before you. My travels have brought me far and wide and now here I am.

Comments: 2
Union Ship Desc.
The Order of Purgatus EmptyFri Nov 08, 2013 11:02 pm by =+=DTD=+=
This is the description for one of the smaller ship classes. Classified as a Destroyer, the CONSOLATION class is the most common ship in the Union.

Please take note that this description will be HEAVILY modified before being reposted as a unit used by the union.

CONSOLATION I- A short range, high weapon, high armor, high speed destroyer used for planetary and base defense. It utilizes a small …

Comments: 2
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 The Order of Purgatus

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Anderson the Great
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Common Member
Anderson the Great

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The Order of Purgatus Empty
PostSubject: The Order of Purgatus   The Order of Purgatus EmptySun Nov 24, 2013 2:14 pm


Civilization Class: Class 4
Capital: Imperialis

Languages: English, Latin

Motto: Vini, Vidi, Vici (we came, we saw, we conquered)


The Order of Purgatus split off from the Astral Confederation shortly after it's formation in 325-092 USY and was founded by treacherous military leaders of the Astral Confederation who disagreed with humanity's alliance with "scum species" and cyborgs. The Order was officially founded on 325-096 USY after a brief civil war in which Purgatus emerged victorious because of their in-depth knowledge of Confederation tactics. Over the centuries, the ranks of the Order swelled exponentially due to war with the Shade Imperium and the Order's human-supremacist policies which appealed to many humans at the time. During a time of rapid expansion known as the Glorious Revolution, the population grew to 86 centillion and ten galaxies fell under Purgatus control.

Once a mere nuisance, the Order turned into a real threat to the Astral Confederation after the New Year's Day Skirmish when a trespassing Confederal fleet that refused to recognize Purgatus sovereignty was handed a decisive defeat by celebrated Admiral Asimov Kerlinko.

The small skirmish was prevented from becoming a full-scale war by Purgatus diplomats that realized that their fledgling superpowerdom would be threatened by such a war. Towards the end of the war with the Shade Imperium, the Purgatus Order jumped into the war as a loose ally of the Confederation, if only because they didn't want to be annihilated themselves. After the war, a cold war of hostility with the Confederation continued to polarize humanity and militarize the Order. It was only until the Comprehensive Arms Treaty in 869-560 USY that hostilities began to cool down. To this day, the Purgatus Order and the Confederation have not engaged in a war.

After the arms treaty, the Order looked towards domestic revitalization. They made bold leaps forward in technology (if only at the expense of conquered and disposed xenobiologicals) and modernized their planets. Their network of small, non-centralized economies were solidified into several major galactic-based centralized economies and the modern governing body of the Magisterium (which makes laws) and a Chancellor (which enforces laws) was established.

In the modern era, the Purgatus are often overlooked on the Universal scene but their power is on the rise. Their population continues to grow exponentially and their military is massive. The Order spends much more in military preparedness than the Confederation and fields an army of trillions of trillions of soldiers and millions of starships. In addition, they are highly advanced in conventional technology.


Although citizens of the Order place high regards on their government, the government in comparison to the Stratagem has very little power.  Although traditionally the Chancellor did have more complete executive power, as citizens have begun electing non-military political leaders as Chancellor, the Stratagem has begun to sidestep the government. The military still has the utmost support in the Magisterium so the Chancellor has very little chance at exercising his rightful powers.

The Chancellor is elected by a Galactic Electorate, which is essentially an electoral college for all forty-one of the Order's galaxies. He has the right to enforce laws on a supreme level and traditionally was commander and chief of the armed forces. He is now merely a political figurehead. He has the symbolic power to declare war and sign treaties.

The Magisterium is a parliament with 410 seats (10 for each galaxy). It is a one-house, tri-partisan political system. They are presided over by the Chancellor who cannot take part in a debate and can only vote to break a tie. The three parties of the Magisterium are the Plebeian Party (People's Party, represents the workers and lower and middle classes), the Vici Party (a fascist, strongly pro-military party), and the Patrician Party (the aristocracy). Magistrates serve for life. In recent history, the Vici Party has gained a majority through underhanded politics.


The military ultimately controls the Purgatus Order. Most executive power, over time, has found it's way into the hands of the Stratagem and they have taken control of the nation. The military, by itself, can often launch attacks on enemies and carry out genocide on targeted groups. Prolonged war with another universal faction however would warrant the Magisterium acting. At any given time, the forces of the Order could be engaged in ten thousand small wars.

On the lowest levels in the army are the infantrymen. They are trained to take orders from their officers blindly and failure to do so could result in said officer shooting you for cowardice. The officers are issued commands via wireless communications uplink by a commander, commanding the army from a holographic display on a secure planet. Every galaxy has one such secure planet referred to as the Galactic Nexus. Each Galactic Nexus has a Situation Room where hundreds of seasoned commanders lead legions of troops from the safety of the facility.

Space battles are often led from the Situation Room as well, with an admiral giving the captains of the various ships orders. This gives the Purgatus fleet the added flexibility of being able to move rapidly and decisively, being controlled by a commander with a full view of the battlefield. It is often said that Purgatus admirals know what the enemy will do minutes before they do it, whilst their own fleets have scattered cockamamie flight patterns meant to coerce the enemy into an undesirable position. Rarely will Purgatus fleets fly in a formation, and if they do it would be mainly to confuse the enemy.

The following is a list, in order, of the ranks of the Purgatus Army:

Legionnaire - common footsoldier
Legion - commander of a Legion (100 men)
Centurion - commander of ten or more Legions organized into a regiment
General - commands multiple regiments, an army
Commander - leads army from the Nexus


Cadet - common navalman
Petty Officer - oversees some duty on the ship such as maintenance or engineering
Chief Petty Officer - oversees the other petty officers
[Gunnery Officer - in charge of the ship's weapons
Chief Gunnery Officer - tasked with firing those weapons at enemy ships
Medical Officer - a doctor
Chief Medical Officer - the head doctor
Scientific Officer - conducts experiments on board
Security Officer - repels boarders, keeps the crew safe from attack
Chief Security Officer - oversees security forces]
Executive Officer - first mate
Captain - commander of the ship
Commodore - commander of a flotilla
Admiral - commander of the fleet

[note: bracketed positions are equal as far as rank is concerned]

The Stratagem is the brain of the entire army, high command. The Stratagem is comprised of six Strategos, two for each branch of the armed services: Marines, Navy, and the Intelligentsia. The Strategos keep the Chancellor on a tight leash and make sure he gives in to their demands. The Strategos are in turn subordinate to the head of the army, who is usually a former Stratego and his appointed to his position by the Magisterium, the Imperator. The Imperator has ultimate control over all of the armed forces.

The Intelligentsia is a rough hybrid of a political vanguard and a paramilitary force. They are responsible for maintaining the security of the Strategos as well as high-ranking government officials. The Vici Intelligentsia, or the VI, is a subgroup of the Intelligentsia tasked with covert operations, protecting secret installations, and executing mass genocides. The Marines are never subjected to the responsibility of genocide because the Strategos believe their young, empathetic minds cannot handle procedure of industrialized murder. Intelligentsia officers are also responsible for enforcing national laws such as the national kill-on-sight rule for cyborgs.


The citizens of the Order enjoy an average level of civil rights, a robust economy centered on arms manufacturing and mining, and a fair amount of political freedom. Racism and sexism has long since been trounced and in many ways forgotten, however certain gender biases still exist. Men still dominate the government and the military, except for the Navy which has many female officers. Marine commanders are reluctant to allow the Marines to integrate women.

Popular music in Purgatus tends to have the feel of the folk rock of the 60's and 70's with the jazz movement making a resurgence. Teenagers tend to have a rebellious phase but typically calm down. There are no drug laws or controlled substances, but burnouts are quickly thrown to the fringes of society and this is discouragement enough to keep the youth drug-free. Most people are technicians of various sorts or programmers. Agriculture and manufacturing is mainly done by non-autonomous robots. Clothing is typically very conservative. Most men don't leave the house without a suit and tie. Women typically wear plain knee-length dresses. Interstellar travel is common in society but the galaxies are isolated enough that citizens typically don't travel intergalactically.

Typical City of the Order: The Order of Purgatus NeoNoir_Final_small
Purgatus Marine; it is to be noted that they only wear the respirators when necessary: The Order of Purgatus Marine_note_respirator_only_used_when_necessar
Vici Intelligentsia, Spec Ops; armed with a gauss assault rifle: The Order of Purgatus VI_Spec_Ops
VI Assassin; armed with several blades and a silenced gauss pistol: The Order of Purgatus VI_Assassin
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Anderson the Great
Common Member
Common Member
Anderson the Great

Posts : 163
Points : 10413
Join date : 2013-11-23

The Order of Purgatus Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Order of Purgatus   The Order of Purgatus EmptySun Dec 01, 2013 1:04 pm

Additional Information:

Purgatus starships have highly conventional octagonal fuselages with wings, stabilizers, and thrusters in positions that generally make a lot of sense. The paint on the starships follows a color-scheme of gun-metal grey and yellow. Purgatus starships normally fly with an escort of anywhere from ten to twenty fighter aircraft, assuming their is a carrier in the fleet where they can refuel.

The Order of Purgatus IMG_0580

Departments of the Intelligentsia:

Department of Defense: This department is responsible for assessing the defenses of a planet and advising the Strategos how the defenses should be upgraded.

Department of Cyborg Affairs: This department tracks down and kills suspected cyborgs.

Department of Counterterrorism: This department works to defend the Order from terrorist attacks.

Department of Domestic Justice: This department oversees policing the general public.

Departments of the Vici Intelligentsia:

Department of Intelligence: This department gathers intelligence on foreign nations and astronomical anomalies.

Department of Exterminatus: This department officially does not exist, according to the Purgatus government. They are responsible for overseeing the death camps.

Department of Covert Operations: This department works alongside the Intelligence Department to gain information on other nations, they are also responsible for precision military strikes and assassinations.

Department of Xenobiological Affairs: This department decides which alien races are inferior and which must be eradicated.
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The Order of Purgatus
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